Job Category:
Position Title Location Application deadline
Application Development Engineer (f/m) CES – Injection Moulding Austria, Linz  18/11/2018 
Logistics Specialist Annandale, NJ  17/10/2018 
Data Scientist (f/m) Austria, Vienna  15.11.2018 
Project Specialist- Data and Template Migration (f/m) Austria, Vienna  07.11.2018 
Senior Back-End Developer Brussels - Zaventem  01/12/2018 
Lead Scientist / Researcher / Process Engineer for hydrocarbon technologies (f/m) Austria, Linz  04.11.2018 
Senior Business Project Manager Peace of Mind (f/m) flexible  09.11.2018 
Vuorolaborantti Finland, Porvoo  31/10/2018 
Accountant Sweden, Stenungsund  24/10/2018 
Senior Product Owner USA, Port Murray  09/10/2018 
Operator Compounding Belgium, Antwerp  31-10-2018 
Trainee External Communications (f/m) Austria, Vienna  16.11.2018 
Process Development Engineers, Technical Development HC Sweden, Stenungsund  31/10/2018 
Expert Maintenance Mécanique H/F France, Grandpuits  31-10-2018 
Ingénieur Maintenance Mécanique H/F France, Grandpuits  31-10-2018 
Préparateur maintenance H/F France, Grandpuits  31-10-2018 
Group Leader Logistics (f/m) Austria, Linz  30/11/2018 
Expert Mechanical & Application Testing (f/m) Austria, Linz  31/10/2018 
Kunnossapidon harjoittelijoita Finland, Porvoo  31/10/2018 
Prosessituotannon harjoittelijoita Finland, Porvoo  31/10/2018 
Työnjohtaja Finland, Porvoo  21/10/2018 
Group Site Buyer (f/m): spare parts for maintenance, electrical and mechanical Austria, Linz  04/11/2018 
Shiflaborant Kallo Belgium, Kallo  14-10-2018 
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Belgium, Mechelen  31.10.2018 
Business Process Specialist (f/m) Austria, Vienna  31.10.2018 
Senior Specialist IT Security Flexible (Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Finland)   
Business Solution Specialist Senior, PO/BC and Innotech Solutions Flexible  31/10/2018 
IT Digital Solution Owner - Team IT Operations & Security Flexible  30/10/2018 
1 Contremaître de Fabrication Ammoniac – Gestion du Personnel F/H France, Grand-Quevilly   
1 Responsable Inspection H/F France, Grand-Quevilly   
IT Digital Solution Owner - Team IT Business Solutions Flexible  30/10/2018 
IT Digital Portfolio Manager Flexible  30/10/2018 
Business Solution Expert, Industrial Solutions Flexible  30/10/2018 
Project Leader / Agile Facilitator, Industrial Solutions Flexible  30/10/2018 
IT Key Account Manager, IT Group Solutions Flexible  30/10/2018 
Data Scientist, IT Innovation Flexible  30/10/2018 
Technology Solution Senior Specialist, IT Innovation Flexible  30/10/2018 
Solution Designer Business, IT Innovation Flexible  30/10/2018 
Solution Designer Industrial, IT Innovation Flexible  30/10/2018 
Enterprise Architect, IT Office Flexible  30/10/2018 
Chromatography Service Engineer in Polymer Analytics (f/m) Austria, Linz  30/11/2018 
Front-End Developer Brussels - Zaventem  31/08/2018 
Back-End Developer Brussels - Zaventem  31/08/2018 
1 Ingénieur Procédés Fertilisants F/M France, Ottmarsheim  31-10-2018 
1 Ingénieur Procédés Ammoniac F/H France, Ottmarsheim  31-07-2018 
1 Responsable de l’unité de production OPAM (Opération Ammoniac) France, Grand-Quevilly  31-10-2018 
Mecanicien Belgium, Kallo  31.10.2018 
Opérateur de Production France, Ottmarsheim  11/05/2018 
Digital Business Analyst Brussels Zaventem   16/07/2018 
Full Stack Developer Belgium, Brussels Zaventem  20/04/2018 

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